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Review: Yang Yang Foot and Body


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Title: Review: Yang Yang Foot and Body
Date: Nov 18, 2019
Phone: 484 322-5192 but i called and mailbox was full so guess they dont answer
City: Norristown
State: Pa
Location: 3207 Ridge Pike
Age Estimate: 35 - 40
Nationality: Korean
Physical Description: Nice body real top mabye 5ft 3in

Recommendation: Yes


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Well, then we better all agree what exactly is "standard" then. It doesn't get much more subjective than that. Maybe we could go into each spa with a "standard" menu of all the specific services, the item price, and have the provider check off which ones she will provide, for how long and the agreed upon quality of service ??? How would you agree upon the quality of service ?? A tip is a tip and YMMV is what sets the ATF's apart from the also-rans. We are talking about humans here. To quote Clint Eastwood in a movie when he was playing Dirty Harry, "if you want a guarantee, buy a toaster" !!!