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This site sucks.


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OK, so let's do a little psychoanalyzing here.

You have been a member here going on 8 months. In that time you have posted 8 times.

You seem to be in CT from the substance of your posts, and CT is not well represented here.

So, you are feeling unwanted and unloved because there aren't as many useful posts in your area. A typical example of being abandoned by your contemporaries, and you feel unimportant. Get over it. I live in an area that isn't even MENTIONED on here. Most the places I go for work have less useful info on here than CT does. If you can't find what you are looking for here, the internet is a big place, look elsewhere. Or make some constructive suggestions. There was just recently a call by the owner for such.

And you don't like this site. I assume that is true because that's what most feel when they say a place sucks, as you did. So therefore I assume you are a masochist, continuing to put yourself into a situation you think sucks. Most people, if after 8 months they decide they don't like something, move on. Those who don't, well it does say something about them.

But I am here to help! So here is a link that might help you find what you are looking for. I admit I do not know the geography of CT well, so it might be a different part of the state, but CT is so tiny that none of it is very far from you. Hope this helps.


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So go to the other site then it's more organized but this site has much much more info. The search works great also so Once you get used to it I think it's better then (u✴)


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Spahunters was way better organized. It also had extensive reviews for Connecticut Spas. Several of us have asked for a CT section, but we've been completely ignored. Even RM, not a great site either, has extensive listing for spas in every state.

That's why this site sucks.

Al B

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Don't get discouraged. I was frustrated in the beginning here also. Just post your reviews and everything will work itself out.