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Which provider do you miss the most?


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Anybody know what happened to Seven (like the number) from New Happy? I believe she was at MSA for a bit but I haven’t seen/heard anything about her since.


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New Best Spa Passaic when Jenny came back and reopened. There was a girl name Choi. She had a Dutch boy haircut. She was a nymphomaniac couldn't get enough. I refer to her as Choi#1. She left in another girl came from Japan she took the name Choi also her service was great too. Both are long gone as is new Best buy and Jenny lol
Yeah man, my first AMP 4 hands was with Choi and Jenny! Good times


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Yeah man I hear you Rottie.... Speaking of Jenny I think she retired or she got married. I think.choi#1 and choi#2 would be a great 4 hander. Could possibly get girl on girl action.


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Absolutely saw Missy. A few times. It was at that motel in Linden. She was a freak.
Yep that’s it right off Rt 1. I remember being so freaked out walking in the side door there never having done this before. Only took an hour with her and I’m popping in and out of these places like I have a room there. Great memories.