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This place is very hush hush. Go through some of the reviews, there are two phone numbers listed. Call from your cell phone, so when you get to this place, you call them again, and they will come get you. Good luck is a similar site of the backpage.The site presents a collection of online resources, which includes classified ads and many email services. The team performance for the development of business in different places, personal needs or care, for jobs and gigs, adults,service and many more. Business from different local places such as events, bars or clubs,restaurants,and saloons or spas, personal like women
Here is her website. Go on and get screened and she will get back to you to set up an appt. It's pretty easy. She will get right back to you.
Visiting LA during this week and hopefully SD this weekend. Wanted to thank you for your reviews. No one says thank you any more
We have lots of asian spas around Philly and NJ so I am looking for a safe but good place. 60 year-old fat white guy -i don't want to flash neon sign to mug me....any neighborhoods or places to avoid or to focus on?
Not really, all of San Diego is real safe for any ethnicity. I'm pretty white myself and have had no issues anywhere. Just keep to the places with lots of spas like Downtown, around Mission Valley, and there's some nice spots down around Chula Vista too.
Thanks for the reply. Can't wait till Friday!!
Hi I’m interested in visiting CeeCee independent. Is she friendly to newcomer and is she clean? Can you also tell me the donation and services?
No longer able to see private details.

Anyone know what happened. My ability to see private details stopped recently. Anyone know why ?
Gotta pay , or write a nice review.... As of August , Reviews are screened
for integrity....
Hi - Wondering who you're seen at Footpad and still see on the outside. I've had some great sessions there, lost touch with a couple women who've left. I was happy to see that Christine is back on the roster, I had a couple really fun sessions with her. But she's not been on the schedule much yet.
I usually tip $40. I've had women at similar places ask me up front for $60 tip to do a prolonged edging session, so $40 seems like a bargain when get the same thing there. I also find that following each provider's rules and being nice about it goes a long way towards a great session the next time.

Who are you planning on seeing?