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Carrie Question, I had her only once, she had that deer in the headlight look at me, like she was apprehensive. with so many others I have made the rounds but never went back to Carrie. But I've read some great reviews about her? BBBj RIM etc, some bad also, whats your experience & recommendation, It's an expensive addiction so I like to choose carefully
I read that Carrie is a rimmer so I got over there to see her. She didn’t disappoint, totally unsolicited, although I’m sure my responses to her in the TS and ST let her know that I was a willing participant. My only complaint is that I wanted to finish with her playing my rusty trombone and she wouldn’t.

Don’t think BBBJ is on the menu bc she was very wary of my precum.
The place on Gettysburg road is right by me. Been thinking about checking it out. I saw you recommended it. What can you tell me about your service?
older lady not terrible looking have table shower put she told me it was to cold did hour massage very play full on flip st and left happy little ot toching wasn't bad at all left 40 tip worked in a pinch lol
have had much better tho !
Hey there. I've seen your name floating around even from the spahunters days. I saw you recommend foot reflexology in camp hill. I thought that was the name of the place on Gettysburg road in camp hill. Is that also the name of the one on kranzel drive? What can you tell me about it? I've had success within the past year at Mei Jian bodycare in Lemoyne if you haven't tried it yet.
Star_ light
Yeah. That is the place on Kranzel drive. My massage was DIY but I was on my back and came easy. But she gave a good massage and really tried hard. I would recommend Oeony Spa on Allentown Blvd. (Colonial park) very clean and you get jerked off.
I had stopped by Saigon on a Saturday afternoon before New Years and I was told you were not there. I would like to make the trip from Jersey to see you but don't want to miss out. What days and times are you at Saigon ? Thanks.
Hello sweetheart. I will message you my number.
Hey what kind of info do you have about the Manayunk GB? I have as thinking of going to the one this weekend but never been.