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Search results for query: fawn

  1. Wayne1250

    Big tits?

    Philly is much closer to Cherry Hill, with a much better selection of talent. We even have gambling here too, lol. Too cold for the beach now anyway. Check the website for, Fawn works out of Mt Laurel twice a month for 3 days each time.
  2. P

    What is up with Elite NJ Playmates?

    I discovered that agency via a girl Fawn / Ashley who was also with Lear. Word is she moved to Florida. Anyhow Elite seems to have a decent roster, but though the website is updated, it always indicates the same girl is available. I haven't been there is a while. Is Elite still good? Damn I...
  3. S

    Review: Gem @ Grace Spa

    Her photos at VIPspot look like Fawn, any chance she may be Fawn’s new reincarnation.
  4. T

    Review: Fawn

    Title: Review: Fawn Date: Oct 19, 2019 Phone: Fawntheasian City: Close to center city State: PA Location: Changes Age Estimate: Mid 20s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Gorgeously sexy Private Details: Third visit with Fawn. She looked amazing in thong bikini and heels...
  5. C

    Huge rack

    Then wait for the next summer. Monica is F and all natural, crazy soft #chelseagirls
  6. T

    Huge rack

    ...hard lol. Ive since come to realize I still love extra large soft tits but I now know how to spot what I like visually while staying in the zone of what I will like for tactile feel. Its nothing near as large as what I use to fawn over, ive just learned to deal with that. The strugle is real. Lol
  7. Wayne1250

    Review: kattie ne phila independent

    Pretty sure the concensus amongst the members is that AMP's, Agencies and Independents can be reviewed on this site. It gives us well rounded information. Otherwise EPM, CP, Fawn, Dream Asians, Joy, Tracy, and many others could not be reviewed either. Thanks for the review.
  8. M

    Review: Sunny (EPM) Warmed Up A Cool Fall Day

    Nice review, I will see her sooner. I need to pick either fawn or sunny this week. Who do you think better pick ?
  9. K

    Fawn The Asian

    Idont see how ymmv would apply for fawn. Shes about as automatic and a sure thing as can be. We all have our own personal favorites and people we click / dont click with but fawn is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  10. N

    Fawn The Asian

    Dont need to tell me.. i was one of the few she texted when she went indy and grandfathered in..
  11. C

    Fawn The Asian

    Fawn screening required before the massage is very well worth her service. I do not provide guarantees to each of you because of the invisible ymmv clause. She is worth the repeats.
  12. C

    Fawn The Asian
  13. N

    Review: La belle @epm

    Shes indy now

    Review: CP Josephine

    The screening for CP and Fawn is ridiculous! Could you imagine asking any provider to send a copy of their DL and a copy of a credit card over an email?
  15. P

    Review: La belle @epm

    Wheres fawn at now?
  16. charliebrown

    Review: EPM - LaBella

    Don't forget Fawn!
  17. K

    Review: La belle @epm

    It's actually why I mentioned her. If some of the gents just want a thick juicy asian , just go see fawn. Now THAT is a girl that checks off all the boxes.
  18. N

    Review: La belle @epm

    I was at EPM earlier this week seeing Juni. Nice girl etc but whole thing was underwhelming. Seen multiple peeps at EPM and always nice and service is consistent but the same rinse wash repeat every time is getting stale. Time to fish some other pools.
  19. N

    Review: La belle @epm

    Speaking of Fawn, I just got done with her earlier.. as always it was great catching up with her adventures and the date was none stop action!
  20. K

    Review: La belle @epm

    ...minimal play and gets you out quickly, no issues here. As told by many, shes thick....problem imo is shes not the good kind of thick, like fawn. Shes just...bigger. judging by the array of cookies and crackers on her bedside, she likes to snack. She spent an inordinate amount of time by...