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Alina anyone seen her


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Messages: 82
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Seen girls from this group, Paris, and one or two others at queens forest hills location. Pics were real, just seeing if anyone tried Alina


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Messages: 251
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Thats actually Helen that used work by ave P, i heard she works somewhere in Queens now, either way Alina might be real because that number is associated with different girls probably some agency.
Helen goes by Helena and is in Kew Gardens now. Big tits and a smoking body but milage can definitely be seen in her face. Still a great fuck and an amazing blowjob. No longer with any agency I believe shes out on her own. I reviewed her on another site (said site can lick my balls) and shes been swamped with dick ever since lol. Good luck getting in touch with her now.


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I’ve seen Alina when she was here 3x’s twice in Nov ‘19 and once in Dec ‘19...told me she was here til Jan ‘20 and maybe be back this month...She from Hungary I believe the whole crew that rotate are from Hungary...anyways those pix from her ad was definitely her and she has a sexy arm sleeve tat...there’s a new girl that’s there now under the # Alina used and the girl’s name is Stefani and the pix she uses are definitely her...I know cause I saw her a couple weeks back lol...forgive me for the long response cause this is my 1st time posting as well as joining today...hope I was helpful