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Any go to Latina providers in SNJ


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That's her. One very good visit with her years ago, second visit meh. Photos were accurate
So real then. Good to know bc she stays not far from me and I’ve been eyeing her for a while. Just always felt something was off. Different names on different sites so wasn’t sure if someone was scamming with her pics.


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I preface my remarks that I saw her at least 5 years ago, so I have nothing new on her. She did stay at a nice hotel and would text me when she was back in the area. Good luck


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I've never used that skip the games site, so can't speak on that. But as long as you stick with the Asian women on Bedpage and skip the Latinas, you'll get what you pay for, for the most part. The only problems may be a Chinese or Taiwan chick who speaks ZERO English and has to use a language translator app on her phone (very frustrating), older Asian chicks (although some of them can be sexy with a nice chest...not gonna lie). Many of them can be a bit greedy, but somewhat understandable since their "Handler" probably takes a lion's share of whatever money is obtained from clients.
chat gpt is perfect too. just ask the prompt hey prompt can you mention to the girl in their language such and such. I am not afraid to use it either. Has been helpful with me selling items. and visual is incredible.


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I have found a Latina provider, a hidden gem. @

The # to text is 781-850-2807. Its a new set of providers, nice price, but extras are extra $. I posted a review on Daniela from Sunday. Just saw a second girl (the one in the pics) last night, review coming soon.

If you try them, I want to see a review with a name. Or at least a PM, thanks.

Big deal

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Personally, I had a very weird experience attempting to contact a Latina provider in the Mount Laurel, NJ area. After I called a number listed on and not getting through to anyone, I got VERY threatening text messages from someone who said they were Latin Mafia and going to kill me and my family ....and that they were on their way from North Jersey.

The real sick and twisted thing was that whoever this person was knew my full name and current address. This actually DID happen and I spoke to local PD and a detective who assured me that it some well known Mexican Cartel type scam BS.
I got the same thing from another numbers. Just ignore it.