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Any info on this one?


I got lipstick stamps on my passport...
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Long LONG time ago. Bolt ons actually seemed to be bolted on (auto/aviation grade silicone). She was old (40s) then! I won't say stay away, as she was great on her good days, but varied wildly and was a bitter clock-watching, passive-aggressive and starfish-like provider on off days.


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sexyazzsyd is crazy!

I know i haven't posted on here and your mileage may very. Stay away shes bat shit crazy.

Look at TNA and you will find some reviews of her


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I saw her a few years at the new defunct Amystika (RIP). She was always nice to me. Great curvy body, super sexy. But I agree, I never really connected with her either. We always had a good time and all that, but I wouldn't go out of my way to see her. And she had a few miles on her a few years ago. I have no idea how she is recently.


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Had a few visits with her on Cedar St awhile back. They were ok. Then she got paranoid, tough business they are in. Nice woman back then, hope she has her shit together again.


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Saw her couple years ago. She def real and not a scam etc. she’s older and old school no doubt. She has energy, I will give her that. Not sure of your other options but she’ll be there for you and not flake, and these days, that’s sayin something.


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I saw her years ago at a location up in East Stroudsburg. Had an ok time. I subsequently chatted with her on the phone a few years later and she was really weird. She denied ever working up there and was pretty rude. Definitely not worth the headache.