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Best place to find indy providers?


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Since the AMP part of AMPREVIEWS.NET means Asian Massage Parlor. If Asian gals and gals in their price range is your thing. This site is the best resource for the greater Philly area.

If you're looking for Indies, I am reading, non-Asian. Try

Skip the games is a much more, unreliable with the ladies and you'll have to sort thru much more nonsense. It is def a roll of the dice. Especially if the lay looks way too good for the price. It gets a bad rap but just understand what it actually is and isn't. Do a google search on their phone # if you want to try to find intell. If nothing comes up that is almost always bad.

To get the best info you have to pay. There is an option to pay with a gift card. I will about every 4 months buy a $40-$50 Best Buys gift card. It last about 45 days. You can do plenty of very good research about the different ladies.

Look if the gal has 3 reviews and 2 are glowing and the other 1 is saying she is a total rip off, research the reviewers. If the one who said, she is a rip off has say 12 other reviews and the 2 reviews who are saying she is a 9 out of 10 only have 1 review each, you don't need a PhD to figure out what is happening. NOT saying all brand new reviewers are fake accounts but just noting sometimes you have to factor that into the equation.

Is TER a perfect site, clearly no. But if you see a gal that has say 40 consistent good reviews from reviewers who post a lot of reviews and seem to be honest? Your odds of having an experience you'll enjoy goes way up. Their filter system also is excellent allowing you to search for your tastes.

Are there other site, oh yeah but this is at least a decent start.

I do have a pet peeve about guys who just ask for a 1 sentence, any recommendations for an area. I mean how about helping us help you here.

I mean narrow it down. Age range. Race. Budget. Height. Build. There is a difference between asking for a general recommendation (aka anyone willing 2 F for my money) and asking for "Does anyone know a 30-early 40's, White-Latin, Slim to normal, at least a B+ cup, no flapjacks or extreme loose baby skin. BBBJ (a must, raw okay 2), Not wanting to go over 250, 200 is ideal. Must be a reasonably safe Incall. Lower bucks and NE Philly Ideal along with semi-pro UTR ladies. NO hint of Drug issues."

Not breaking balls, but I hope you see how that really helps us help you guys. It takes the mind reading part out, with as far as what any guy is looking for. No one wastes time and we all quickly can reply if we know someone who might fit the bill.