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BSS closed?


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Called a good friend of mine from Allentown who is very friendly with the staff said, it looks like their AC on the roof might of got zapped by lighting and is going to be out for a while.


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Building has some issues. Blue has been asked to closed temporary. Will know something more this up coming week. Hopefully open soon.


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A word of wise to my fellow members who enjoy the many talents this place has to offer. These women will show up somewhere else and sometimes they don't want the whole world to know where they are for many reasons. So please use discretion and send a PM to your closest mongers and don't blab it in here. Get it, got it, GOOD.


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Maybe they're all hanging out at his house and he's too busy (or tired) from banging them to respond to a PM?
VJ you may be on to something. He was last seen on this board at 5:51 this morning. Guess he didn't have time to reply to all those PMs because he had to make the girls breakfast, after he banged them again. ROFL! :ROFLMAO: