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Married provider busted by Surgeon Husband


Registered Member
Messages: 296
Reviews: 4
I hope everyone understands that the money she was getting from these gentlemen was under the assumption that they were the only ones.
sue her for breach of contract :LOL:

doubtful anyone here was her SD, better odds someone here works with the dude. Can't imagine having that story be public o_Oo_Oo_O


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Messages: 857
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Funny story, she had briefly accepted my friend request on instagram before she blocked me. She's pretty hot, had some cute pics, definitely living the high life. Beautiful NYC apartment.


Banned for shilling
Messages: 125
Reviews: 9
Why would anyone drop 10k to 'session ' with anyone, I don't care how sexy, hot, desirable? I just don't get it.
The 10K sounds like a kept woman deals. She is on his beck and call. Little do they know, she is a kept woman for others as well plus what she does on a date or 2. She basically scams these guys, you are not getting 10k of pussy from her.