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Olympic Spa


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I heard that the woman who ran Olympic Spa has passed away. A friend of mine has done work on the property for over 15 years. He was told that she (my friend said her name was Coco) died in her sleep. I don't know anything about the place but he said they were having licensing issues the past month and when he tried to call her today, he got the bad news.


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Wow, thanks for sharing. I drive through there all the time and just mentioned in a PM that I noticed the open sign had been off for the last few weeks. We were reminiscing about crazy Megan. Just this summer they finally repainted the signs out front too. If they are closed for good, that is truly the end of an era! RIP


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I always knew her as Lina/Linda. Her and I never got past the Hand Shake stage in our relationship but she spook very good English and could always hold an interesting conversation. I was hoping she would have sold the spa and moved closer to family she had in Washington DC area. Rest in peace friend, You definitely knew what most men wanted in life.


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Wow. I am sorry to see this. I knew her as Linda too. I last saw her about a year ago. I know she lived in Wilmington and ran Olympic in Chadds Ford. So sad