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Review: Aloha - Chanel


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Title: Review: Aloha - Chanel
Date: Aug 8, 2023
Phone: 551-242-7189
City: Englewood
State: NJ
Location: Upstairs main biz
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60 + 140
Nationality: Korean
Age Estimate: 35
Physical Description: Tall. Cute. B/C cup. Decent ass. Pretty fit

Recommendation: Yes


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Solid review and hit you with a follow - had the same exact experience! Such a disconnect with her and the CBJ was such a disappointment right? Some reviews are either from Brad Pitt or someone is lying - she was clear on the lack of extras and can’t believe I had a better vibe with Sophie than Chanel.


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Most recently I made an appointment with Sophia and when I showed up she introduced me to this other chic, can't remember her name. She was older but in good shape. She gave a decent massage and was squatting over my face damn near sitting on my face. I had to turn my head sideways to avoid this. She was clean but no way taking that chance. Gave a decent cbj but was asking for more money after I gave Sophia the total amount, didn't give anymore. Afterwards once I stood up she started pushing me into the wall a few times jokingly it was weird and didn't really like it. I will insist upon Sophia next time who is good.