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Review: Apple Pie -Coco


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Title: Review: Apple Pie -Coco
Date: Aug 5, 2023
Phone: 570 328 3665
City: Larksville
State: PA
Location: 606 Main Street

House Fee and Tip (if applicable) 70/140
Age Estimate: 38
Nationality: Thai
Physical Description: Pretty face ,Thin . B cups. Ass nice and round. 5'5 est

Recommendation: Yes


Review Contributor
Messages: 867
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Julia has relocated, currently in Elkton, MD, and will soon move (AFAIK) to a shop in SE PA, details to follow when available.
I'm not sure that she will return to the W-B area, but never say never.


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OE has Korean girls. The difference in the two spas is like Sasy and Chun in Allentown. I prefer Korean girls but my current favorite is Chinese, so I guess I'm AC/DC, lol. I've seen Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese recently too, I guess I might have Yellow Fever.


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Julia gone. A Korean hot girl coming. I love Korean ladies. Apple bringing in a Korean that great! Can't wait to see her in November.
Idk why, but I read all your posts and responses as ESL/ Asian broken English, even your username. But hey, you always have a crazy amount of intel on everything, especially Apple and formerly Jasmine, we appreciate it (at least i do).