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Review: aura spa/1710 spa


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Hey, CB, Sorry if this is too personal but if you are married then why go? I am asking since I to am married. I get laid pretty much whenever i want and at least 2 blow jobs a week but I go due to the excitement of another woman. Curious what your motivation is. There is just something about being with a girl for the first time ya know?
sorry for the delayed response lifemountain9, Love my wife dearly, but she has no clue how to give a good massage!!!! Going into this hobby was a desperate reach to save my back. It has been a wonderful release of all the stress built up in my lower back from years of serious neglect.


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Title: Review: aura spa/1710 spa
Date: Nov 13, 2018
Address: 1710 philadelphia pike
Phone: +1 302-444-7348
City: Wilmington
State: de
Activities: ts, massage, bbbj, rim, daty, fs, Russian
Age Estimate: 30
Ethnic background: Japanese
Physical Description: curvy with awesome tits
Summary: lisa at aura is one of my atf. she's got a great personality and is very cute.

Recommendation: Yes
How many on staff


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It is just Lisa, did not see her for awhile and I always ask what there name is. She told me Lily an I smiled, gave her a huge and said you look like a Lisa to me.


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lifemountain9, this area is the Honey Hole of AMPs. On Philadelphia Pike, starting at 500, you have Meridian, (Angela's closed months ago), then Wellness, then Eastern, then Aura, then Best Asian, then Blue Wave. Go through Claymont and turn left on Naamans. You will then find Rainbow, then Golden, then Source of Health, then Foulk Road. Turn left on 202 South and find JJ Massage, then Sky, then Fairfax. Then turn around and go to Silverside and turn right, and you will hit Ying Li along the way back to Philadelphia Pike. Many more in Wilmington, and north on 202. Chinese or Korean, legit rub, R&T, expanded menu, FS, you can find something to your liking among these. I have been to all of them over the years, many more than once, and rarely have a disappointment as long as i set reasonable expectations after doing my homework.
- what’s your top 3??


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Important note! While puitting this into google maps, I found there are SIX amps within about a 1/2 mile stretch of this place - Angela's Massage and Body, Wellness Center, Eastern Massage (almost right next door) then Aura, Then Best Asian Massage, finally Blue Wave Body work. Serious competition. I know what will be my favorite block in the future.
All these places have been shut down, except for Aura. I know, I used to frequent them all.