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Review: BCT


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Without stirring the pot to much I beg to differ. The way I see it is- the GSP is @ 180 miles long which means ''north'' jersey is from exit 120 north to NY. Ex 120 is Matawan and Sc Plains is far north of there, so I agree with the OP
I agree that purely from a mileage standpoint exit 120 and above would be North Jersey but nobody who lives here refers to it that way.


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I passed by BCT in Scotch Plain today and they are closed. I didn't pull into the parking lot but I was able to notice what appeared to be 2 signs with some writing on them at the base of the door.
I imagine explaining why they are closed.

I hope Mandy and the girls stay well.


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Thank you for the update, BG.

I wondered whether they might be taking a break until this all blows over.
Seems like a reasonable (and unsurprising) move on Mandy's part, acting to protect both employees and customers.

Ditto on the wishes for their well-being.

lyin' eyes

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This was part of Mandy's post on Wechat:

Dear all our Dear clients:

Due to the Corona virus spreading, clients and therapists are first!
BCT will close a month for now. If there is any change, we will let our customers know when we will come back. (as soon as virus is under control)

we care about our clients and therapists to take any risk about virus.
where there is life, there is hope.
Hope everyone stay safe
We will see you soon.
Please take care of yourself and your family, be healthy.

we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, your satisfaction is very important to us.
we plan close for 2 weeks and watch virus situation but will update information to our clients if our plan changes.
hopefully all clients stay safe and healthy.