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Review: Cherry Asian Club- leah


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Well partaking in the uncovered full experience BBFS at Cherry, is really the Cherry on top for me. It is okay if that isn't everyone's thing :eek:. Yes 1/2 hour covered FS for that price is a bit over priced. I agree with you 1000%.

If it was a regular covered experience CFS, yes to me it wouldn't be worth it. I have found BBFS at other places but usually after getting established with a certain lady and seeing her a few times. And if she really likes you and you're having issues with the cover, all of a sudden it can be offered, sometimes. While I sometimes can turn the charm on and make it happen often it doesn't work and it can get real expensive trying to find it. When she leaves, I sometimes go back to searching again.

For me the appeal of a Cherry is as far as I know these West Coast gals just offer it. It saves me the hassles and the expensive search for it. I am going to Cherry for 1 thing and 1 thing only.

While it is great to have a steady go to girl that offers it, I'll be honest it is a whole lot of fun to try some different gals. Not trying to lead anyone down the path of temptation. But who is kidding who, if she is young and if my single demon eye is staring down the barrel of love, I know what is going to happen. :devilish: