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Review: Chloe Lovely - BK Independent Tantra and Escort


Gentleman of the Sensual Arts
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Title: Review: Chloe Lovely - BK Independent Tantra and Escort
Date: Jan 16, 2019
Phone: 504-335-8162
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Location: Bushwick
Age Estimate: 28
Nationality: Caucasian
Physical Description: 5'1, 130, athletic/curvy build, C cups, very attractive, super sexy, rainbow colored hair

Recommendation: Yes


Registered Member
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This is one of the best reviews I've read on this site. In my opinion, it appears as if she felt entitled to more because the session went so well and made excuses to justify her attitude. Sorry to hear what should have been a great session turn sour so quickly. Not my cup of tea but your warning on "ass kissing" would be enough to keep me away. Again, nice review.


Seasoned Vet
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Damn good review but 5 bills for a handjob is a bit much. I could understand and even fork over the cash if she went another round after the hand release and we fucked like animals. Shame too cause shes exactly my type - tatted up and freaky looking but oh well, theyre a dime a dozen in this hobby, and at a much lower rate too.


Gentleman of the Sensual Arts
Messages: 498
Reviews: 47
@Perfecto appreciate the honest review. Point of clarification she is a $$$$$ escort but curious what does she charge for at antra massage?
I don’t really remember but I think it was 300/hr. She used to advertise massage/tantra in ads and on her site but I haven’t seen the option in a while. I guess there are enough guys in Brooklyn that want her for 500/hr. More power to them...

Again, she was good but we didn’t click afterwards...which is strange...