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Review: Dee @ Mays Landing


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Title: Review: Dee @ Mays Landing
Date: Oct 25, 2018
Phone: 609-470-1078
City: Mays Landing
State: New Jersey
Activities: Massage, HJ
Age Estimate: 45
Nationality: Caucasian
Physical Description: Fit, Firm and nice top
Summary: First time seeing her, had that awkward first time meeting vibe. Made some small talk and that was ok. She was undraped, pretty decent body. The massage was good, she hit all the right spots. On the flip she straddled me and took matters into her own hands. Wasn't sure if touching was ok, so I behaved myself.

Recommendation: Yes


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Actually what I wrote was very accurate. I got the feeling from her during my visit that she is very selective of what she does with any given person. It's not automatically everything on the menu.During the massage she sort of keeps her distance from you because she does not want a lot of groping and touching. And in a lot of cases you cannot even see her. When I was there she had a great attitude and we had a great time but I could also see cases where that Jersey attitude comes out LOL. Not a bad thing but I think it keeps people in check. My opinion is she has to want 2 do a certain level with you or you're not going to get it.