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Review: Evergreen-Sugar


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Don't know if a specific starting time was mentioned during your initial phone call.
I do know that the MMS there really values punctuality.
She commented positively several times when I arrived at 9 am on the dot for a 9 am appt.


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Sorry you didn't have a great time. I know technically you weren't "late" but one thing I've found, not just at EG, but most of the time where my appointment is on the hour or half hour (and set up prior) I never get shorted significantly. More than 10 min is definitely wrong. 5-10 is a grey area. 5 or less I usually don't care about unless that 5 minute prevented my finish which has been extremely rare in the past. Also, the time right around lunch time is tyically a busier time. I try to avoid that if I can. I know not everyone has the flexibility to do so, and again, not saying you should have gotten shorted - 15 is too significant. Hopefully next time you get a great session and the full hour.


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I was shorted 15 minutes by Nicole several weeks ago. I had a 9:00 AM appointment so there shouldn't have been any legitimate reason for that treatment. It was the first and only time that's happened to me at E309. Subsequent visits were scheduled with other providers who attended to me for the entire hour.


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Thank you for the replies. There was no appointment or starting time mentioned on the phone. Mama told me to come over. Told her I'd be there in 10 minutes and I was.