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Review: Fortune Spa - Browns Mills


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The Browns Mills spas have gone through ups and downs just like most spas across the tri-state. As I said, I have always had good sessions at Fortune, but not everyone has. At Lilly's, a few of my ATFs passed through there in years past. But I have also had a couple of disappointing sessions there. Butterfly Spa, now King Spa, had an older provider that I had a few great sessions with before she moved on. My sessions at King have been good, not great, but I have not been back yet this year. When Sun Spa at Rt. 530 & Rt. 206 made a major change in management, it became a no-brainer that a great session was waiting to happen. It made a roll-of-the-dice decision going to Browns Mill turn into a sure bet at Sun. Then Apple emerged in Columbus and that trumped going to Browns Mills as well. Now, Apple has been getting some unfavorable Reviews. Personally, I will act on the latest intelligence and personal experience when deciding where to go, and also influenced by the route I happen to be taking when doing business in NJ and elsewhere. And as always, YMMV at any spa depending on your relationship with the spa and the "game" you carry with you.


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I would have to agree with the above as well. I have had some of my best times at Fortune when Alice was there, she always took great care of me and I can recall a few times she would even send me texts and pictures. King I’ve been to twice and wasn’t bad either but not Fortune. As for Lilly’s you never know what’s going to happen there, I’ve had great and horrible last time being below enjoyable. I was just thinking of stopping at fortune this week.