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Review: Grand St Spa: Serene


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Specialops: I'm glad you say that, but this hasn't really been my experience in CT. Rather, I felt that there has been a steady decline in "nice milfs and young ones" there. Could you give some pointers? Thanks!


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Why??? Unless you like old women why settle ...lots of nice milf and young ones in Chinatown. Now more than ever!
Where is this fantasy land your talking about
its not CT not now or the CT in manhattan

now it’s full of washed up midwtf and nothing new
all wearing masks so you can’t tell what’s nice looking


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Why??? Unless you like old women why settle ...lots of nice milf and young ones in Chinatown. Now more than ever!
But this long time spa is known for the go to place for a real hard massage by large providers. It is not known for attractive petite body rub.
So some guys are looking for this type of service. It is clean and on a cold day their shower facilities


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Title: Review: Grand St Spa: Serene
Date: Jan 29, 2021
Phone: 917-519-7951 (No one ansered)
City: NYC
State: NY
Location: CT
Age Estimate: 50s
Nationality: Chinese
Physical Description: Kinda old and chubby

Recommendation: Yes
Dame bro, she did none of that with me. No tits, no pants down, I tried playing with her kitty but she pulled away. Massage was nice, I'll give her another shot. Those tits looked killer.