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Review: Ilda's Place


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Damn cool to hear this place is still going and you can find a fun time in there. Used to know the security guard there. Big white dude. Gotta be 1 of the biggest pervs I've ever met. I remember 1 weekend we were invited to a mutual friend's family gathering. Bbq, food drinks and a good time etc. Dude literally could not help himself and kept excusing himself from everyone only to get his porn fix on our host's PC. This was before smartphones were really a thing. I gotta imagine he sucked at his job at Ildas and probably stepped away to the bathroom at least 5 times per shift.


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I've been there pre pandemic. Always older somewhat milfs. Theres a stage there for a dancer but hardly used. Most girls are just sitting with the customers. Lap dances with lots of roaming allowed some FIV but never a hint of anything else. Once got a girls # but she only wanted to meet there and drink.


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Is this place more like a bar or a strip club?
It is a small bar with a dancer's stage and a stripper pole. This girls dance in their stripper uniform, but they don't take anything off while on stage.
would she have played inside the bar?
was it dimly lit inside?
There generally is not any advanced play inside the bar. The place has neon lights. You can see the back of the bar as soon as you walk in. That's to bright for my taste.