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Review: Isabel in Montclair with mixup


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If we all posted a review every time an appointment at an AMP got fucked up, the reviews on this site would be 90% guys talking about appointment fails.


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I thought I would be a good idea to let the interested party know that it is possible to have this kind of mixup. Now I know how this was received. I won't post that again.


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I know that people are supposed to either contribute reviews or pay in order to read the juicy details, but I’m going to throw you a freebie today. Here it goes...
He went to see Isabelle, but she wasn’t there, so he left.
...You are welcome!


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If it were me, I wouldn’t waste my ‘outside’ time/excuse’ and opted for Cindy. @jplaya was thinking with his big head. I will make it over to Roselle or Montclair one of these days.


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Kinda on Kandy's perspective here. In my world my "me" time is pretty structured, so I often have to go along with bait/switches, "she's on vacation, how about...." etc. No way Cindy would have disappointed unless you were mentally ride or die on Isabelle, which I can see. They are different. Like, uhm, T-bones and Ribeyes, but this carnivore would have gone for the meal regardless. :)