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Review: jessica - ormch


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Agree with what you have written. In my experience some people just lie to get some good points with the provider, some haven't actually met a beautiful girl in their life...


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Thanks for the honest review and agree with your assessment of her. Great naturals but she has a belly, which is unfortunate. I saw her years ago at different places and she actually did have the tight abs but those days seem long gone for her. Sweet personality and she aims to please but for sure should not be categorized as tight and toned.


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Got a little bit of slack for my review. Wanted to clarify one thing. I forgot to mention that Jessica was in her special week when I went. That might have caused some bloating that exaggerated her physical appearance at the time. But like I said, she was fun and super sweet. No complaints. I think what was misunderstood was my complaint was aimed at exaggerated reviews, not the quality of the provider.


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the ones that are lying are the same ones who simp for the providers and cant get with any women other than paying for it. this board has alot of them hence why so many bad reviews.


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Jessica is great - saw her pre-covid. Not super slim, but her bubbly personality more than made up for it. Been meaning to go see her again....


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I have seen Jessica probably 8-10 times . She is not a slim small boobies or fake boobies Russian girl she is olde than 26 has bud natural tits , she is natural sexy girl not a gym girl but if you like a nice ass with some meat , a woman not a little who you can have some fun with she’s one of the best . I’m a gym guy I l
Prefer girls like Annie not sure id she’s there anymore she’s like 5”10 blonde long legged model type but that is 10 with not the best attitude so that’s the trade-off . Hope thsy clarifies things and if Annie had Jessica’s service shed be every more desired .