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Review: Joanna Spa


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This spa is out of my way but the one time I did visit it, I spent 15 minutes in that steam shower before the session and I was in heaven. If I ever went back and encountered a delay, I would tell her to come get me out of the shower when she is ready.

Cedar Fog

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Re: the 30-minute wait -- I concur that their organization can be lacking (possibly a cascading delay during peak periods, or simply poor use of a booking spreadsheet?). In three of five visits over the past three months, my experience has been: prompt check-in, then they discover that my scheduled masseuse is still busy or was otherwise booked, and ask me to wait for up to 15 minutes and/or swap masseuse. They're always apologetic about it, and I once got 70 minutes because my first masseuse was called away after 10. On the plus side, they do have enough staff on-site that once the massage starts, the masseuse isn't distracted by calls.

I've never asked about the steam shower, and they've never mentioned it, despite the robe hanging in each room.


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Whenever I have a problem, I simply call Joy or, if she is there, speak with her directly. It is pointless to attempt communication with the masseuses because none of them speak English. She has always offered me a discount for any problems I have encountered.