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Review: Kira @KGalaxy — Out of this Snowflakes and Stationary, holy smokes


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Title: Review: Kira @KGalaxy — Out of this Snowflakes and Stationary, holy smokes
Date: Jan 7, 2022
Phone: (650) 703-8318
City: San Mateo
State: CA
Location: Whole Foods
Age Estimate: early 30s
Nationality: Korean
Physical Description: My ATF, holy cow, every time I see her, she shows me something new in bed, there are levels to her game, God save us all. Ugh. Her room decor game has leapfroged since BunnyGirls, she has LED's galore from bathroom to bedroom, atmospheric laser effects AND this new falling snowflake light..with my edibles today, I was in another galaxy f0 sho. She also gave me a small gift of stationary..fudge. I'm blown away in more ways than 2. Kira ftw.

Recommendation: Yes


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did you book the 2 hour session for the nuru to happen? It was that just a spontaneous chance thing?

I’m also interested in knowing that after seeing her so many times, is every time slightly different?

I’ve seen Kira just once so far, will write my review in a bit, and I was happy with the encounter too.


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WOW, with a review like that, you may never be able to see her again, all booked up, I cant imagine seeing the same girl 15-20 times in the last year,you must have a connection, when the girls have seen you 2 or 3 times there more relaxed & trusting if you treat them like ladies with respect.
Loll for real, she may never be free again after this review!


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Kira is definitely great and different every time.

Selfishly, I love that her nipples are slightly off and she's not DDG or we'd never be able to get a booking, lol.


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Kira is insane. I posted a review on TER that was combination of two different meet ups. I can't get enough of her and wonder when I'll reach her limits as I press them each time.