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Review: Massage Hopewell

Massage Vet

Massagevet - The AMP Advisor - Spa Hunters Alumnus
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Title: Review: Massage Hopewell
Date: Mar 26, 2022
City: Hopewell
State: NJ
Location: Strip center on Shiloh pike
Age Estimate: 45
Nationality: Chinese
Physical Description: Average height. Beautiful rack. Long hair. See details below.

Recommendation: Yes
Dude, what is happening here. You put March 26th as your visit date. 5 weeks ago. But you mention you got an invite to go there the day after thanksgiving? Is this a review for 5 weeks ago or 7 months ago?

Hopewell? As in Mercer County? Are you sure its in Hopewell?? This seems so not right! Blue House??


AKA jacklondongreat
Messages: 2,027
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Not too surprised, but just learned that there are at least two Hopewells in NJ. Granted they are far from each other but you would think that the founding fathers would have checked around for the name... Ditto with "Washington" and others...


Registered Member
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There was a super attractive, but strictly business, mamasan named Michelle at a spa in Pennington, NJ (adjacent to Hopewell in CNJ)...You hd my hopes way up, only to be dashed on the rocks, yet one more time...oh well...