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Review: Mature in Lodi


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Saw her a few years ago...................not very good...................shorts you on time.............lack of real massage skills.................stories all over the place on what she does etc etc etc.................. That recommendation was either written by her to drum up business or someone who does not know a good massage with good service from a bad massage and below average service. Save your money try someplace else.


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Same here. Massage was crap. Prior to visit I asked her if she did edging sessions and she said yes. On the flip after a crappy massage starts jack hammering away. I reminded her about edging and she said "What is that?" I explained what it was and she continued hammering away and told me to hurry up bc she had another client. I tried to touch her top and she pushed my hand away with an attitude. It was one of the worse sessions I have ever had.


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I have seen her a few years back. No FS, but she did give a good massage and a decent HE on the flip. At the time, it was $80 for about an hour.


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Messages: 32
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provide the bbbj for 80 total and we in, lol, cause massage is non existent there.
some of us go for the massage and he, not just a lame rub and turn over, its all about the tease.


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I saw her a few years ago. She was the type to moody when you tell her what you like but outside of that, she seems to be a kind of provider some people are into and some people aren't.

That said... I am kinda surprised at the anger. She isn't for me as I never went back but she wasn't horiffic either.