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Review: Meridian Spa


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Title: Review: Meridian Spa
Date: Sep 24, 2018
Address: 500B Philadelphia Pike
Phone: 410-441-9333
City: Wilmington
State: DE
Activities: CMT Massage
Age Estimate: 50+
Ethnic background: Chinese
Physical Description: Quaint little studio on second floor at corner of Philadelphia Pike and Rodman Road
Summary: Even I need a great massage sometimes, and Lili is my go to girl for it. She is a legit CMT, with a nice body and very pleasant demeanor. Chinese American with excellent English, 50+. You won't get extras here, but you will get the best rub you can imagine from her. I feel wonderful for days after. At 60 bucks an hour, a real bargain. I go for the rub here, then play for the full hour at one of the other spas in the area.

Recommendation: Yes


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It took me almost a year before I found Lili on Philly Pike and I have now been seeing her for two years. This woman single handily fixed a bad back that was giving me problems for years. She not only worked out the tightness in my lower back, She recommended the stretching and told me I was overworking the back during exercise. Back problems are in check and she has progressed thru every other area of my body. She is constantly changing up the massage routine so there is always newness to the routine. She never watches the clock and historically has gone well over an hour. I, like Scubatoo, head to one of many other AMPS in the area for a ST session.


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I visited Lili one time and really enjoyed the session. Early evening on a Sunday . Wonderful atmosphere , candles , her sipping on wine. Great sensual massage imho. Enjoyable conversation. She is humorous, intuitive , and I def have to get back to see her. We have many options in our area so if money was no object , I would probable do 2-3 massages every week , balanced between my favorite spots.