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Review: Mia @ Bali Spa


Review Contributor
Messages: 59
Reviews: 17
Title: Review: Mia @ Bali Spa
Date: Aug 30, 2023
Phone: 702-930-1999
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
Location: near airport and eastern
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 80+200
Nationality: Vietnamese
Age Estimate: 29-32
Physical Description: Mia is model like beauty. She is tan skinny nice firm breasts, and those wonderful Vietnamese hips.

Recommendation: Yes


Registered Member
Messages: 18
Reviews: 5
They really are great. I’ve never been a big AMP guy. I would try one here and there but be let down and not try again for months.

but the experience here is next level. I’ve been 6 or 7 times this summer. Mostly with Kaya. But I had Angela and the beautifully weekend girl with the great naturals once too, I think it was Yuyu?
Anyway they are really upping the game. If other places catch on to this business model of actually treating you well, they could change the market


Review Contributor
Messages: 59
Reviews: 17
Mia is just pure sweetheart. She works tue and Wednesday. Very beautiful. She sometimes there on Mondays. Bali spa is a great place dont expect to hear or in return cheated. They are really trying to be a good place to go. I have had nothing but great times there. I enjoy massage and they always do a good one.