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Review: NYAW - Ollie


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Title: Review: NYAW - Ollie
Date: Oct 11, 2019
Phone: 929-382-1000
City: New York
State: NY
Location: Midtown East
Age Estimate: 30s
Nationality: Chinese
Physical Description: Talk, thin, long hair, OK face but nice lips and smile, firm ass with some shape, saggy tiny titties

Recommendation: Yes


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One thing I am amazed is aside from the special service, Ollie is slowly picking up skills from popular amp providers such as gaga@ggrph/natasha@magfe/bella/stacy/nikki@al/sara etc, one steps at a time. I've visited Ollie many times now, and she asks me about what other stuff other providers will do for me, or skills they used, and beg me to describe it. Then she would try it and improve it either on the spot or during my next visit. So if you communicate nicely to her what is your desire, she will add that to her menu during your visit!!


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Anyone remember Tie Nee Lee? I have always wondered where she ended up? For those of you who didn't know her, she was the DT champion, a pretty, thin Korean woman, who had no business being a provider with her no-gag reflex abilities. It was truly an amazing few months for us lucky guys who knew her! Balls deep and never ending! : )....... Wow!