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Review: NYAW - Vega

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Funny thing is, Vega (momo) told me that, when she first got here, she met Bella on the first parlor she worked at, and everything she knows was taught by Bella. It is a small world I guess?


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So I did some quick homework for you guys, since it is my first review lol. Her body is like 90% resembling this one with slightly longer legs and prettier face.

In bed is similar as well except the rubber and no greek.

I really feel I am in heaven or ASM movies!!
Those who also visited Vega will know =D
If it is really body like what's in that clip it is too awesome. Anyone tried Vega can tell us how accurate is lala's statement?


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I just visit NYAW for the new girl Jenny and I saw Vega is back, she blame me with a huge pout for not seeing her this round I told her I didn't know she is back. Seems only for a few days though, so just fyi mongers who also like her.

Jenny is like the totally opposite of Vega though, very thick and can take super heavy pounding!


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Thanks Lala, I called 2 days ago and she wasn't working. Vega is one of my favorite and I just got an appoint this evening, guess I will have a nice Friday night today. Sally told me she came in this morning unscheduled and I am lucky. I would have missed it if lala didn't made the post.
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