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Review: Review: Maya Sweet Spa 29


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Yes, I also remember when she was Tina at Redspa. She had the same enthusiasm back then but bc she was new, I think she just was more excitable. I say that bc back then I remember she literally squirted while DATY. I’m talking about gushing. These days after years of knowing her, I can still get her to climax, but she definitely expects it and not surprised. I actually like it now because it’s like she gets her dosage and is completely satisfied. Need to pay a visit soon. I also highly recommend Pinky. I will wrote a separate review of her!
AMEN on that


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Title: Review: Review: Maya Sweet Spa 29
Date: Sep 4, 2018
Phone: 212-929-4040
City: NY
State: NY
Address: 39th st
Activities: CBJ, CFS, DFK, Rimm
Age Estimate: 45
Nationality: Korean
Physical Description: Milf and busty
Summary: Fun time with a classic KMP Maya. If you like Milfs with a fat ass, she’s your girl

Recommendation: Yes

"Address: 39th st " ???


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I can't think of a place in town less likely to have "traf Gals" Maya, Pinky and Koko have been there for years and I wouldn't be surprised if they are citizens. You should give them a try. If I had more to spend I'd love to see Maya again. All top notch Korean MILFs.