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Review: Samantha - Honey's Girl....I couldn't punch my ticket to Budapest


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Not meant in a negative way at all man. I'm merely trying to make others aware of facts. I'm not trying to dissuade anybody from enjoying what they like. This was the 3rd review where the description claimed natural top. The fact that you used the term beef on this site is also comical. As if it means anything. I'm sure you're also aware that many people believe you are either honey herself or a shill for her and this response certainly doesn't help your case that you're merely the "IT" guy. I don't get into online "beefs". We don't know anything about each other in reality and this would be the stupidest thing to have beef over. I even mentioned how in general I'm surprised when others (unrelated to honeys girls) claim natural top when photos clearly show enhanced. That was a general comment, not to be confused as pertaining to Samantha who may be great. I haven't seen her but she looks good and has solid reviews. 0 hate. Perhaps next time you can ask whether I'm insinuating something negative. Good day.
My point is this was a good review and you just focus on the fact that her tits are being mischaracterized which actually goes to the fact that they are very very well done. But it's focusing on something that really is detracting from the essence of the review which is something that I completely agree with and that's she's sexy as hell and did a very very good service. Seems everyone these days is super critical, it's always one thing or another. Even if it's a great review then it's the price or something else. Peace out.


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No one was being super critical, just making note that they are man made since everyone has preferences. You gotta chill with how hard you defend these girls, you seem a little too invested.


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