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Review: Seven Star - Phoenixville


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Title: Review: Seven Star - Phoenixville
Date: Feb 11, 2022
Phone: 610-570-1968
City: Phoenixville
State: PA
Location: 550 Kimberton Road (Rt 113)
Age Estimate: 45+/-
Nationality: Chinese
Physical Description: Attractive with great slender body

Recommendation: Yes
I'm not sure why there's always confusion about Cindy except some girls use multiple names & I've seen every woman @7* over 3+/- year's & never met a second cindy.Tina has very little English skills & maybe agrees because she doesn't understand,Mimi was with Tina during Cindy's Chinese new years vacation & has better English understanding. I've witnessed first hand @ other shops girls giving different names to a customer after session & it seems like it's code or the girls don't want to repeat with the monger because their creepy or cheap or thinking LE. I'm hoping 7* stays with 2 girls as Cindy get overwhelmed & tired being a 1 girl shop.Tina is older but gives a great massage & soft touch & ending. I'm guessing 65 & a true gilf spinner, tiny tiny hands


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I did not know Mimi had been there. With Mimi there would be more of a similar look with Cindy. Unfortunately, we are seeing the Phoenixville spas operating often with one woman. Just too few mongers for too many spas. I agree that Cindy must get burned out on occasion being there by herself.