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Review: Skippack Massage -May


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Title: Review: Skippack Massage -May
Date: Nov 6, 2018
City: Skippack
State: Pa
Address: Forty foot rd and 73
Activities: TS TM ST
Age Estimate: 40iah
Nationality: Korean
Physical Description: Thin long dark hair a/B top
Summary: Needed a good massage and wanted to try SM as they HEV Ben on my radar. Average TS followed by okay TM with ST

Recommendation: Yes


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Based on address, this is actually Skippack Accupressure - in little strip mall with Post office. As well as mention of TS - Skippack Massage, located about 2 miles west on 73 & Lucon rd does not offer a TS. What's confusing is mention of May, who is at Skippack Massage.


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I have been to both and get the names confused as well. The one near Lucon rd forget the girls name (was few months ago) turned me off with horrible breath. The one near 40ft rd. good basic service, TS is what I look for. It's hard to find attractive girls in burbs. Have fun


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I've been to Acupressure 3 times in the last couple months. First time was awesome, the last two were a total waste of money and I doubt I'll ever go back. Wouldn't recommend. Tried to see that first girl again but she disappeared.