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Review: Slim Roxy


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Title: Review: Slim Roxy
Date: Oct 29, 2018
Phone: Got to Site
City: Philadelphia
State: PA
Address: Get screened
Activities: FS, Daty, Mish, CG, K9, 69
Age Estimate: 28
Nationality: Korean
Physical Description: Slim, perky Bs
Summary: Finally got a chance to see Roxy, very slim but pretty lady. Once she warm up to you, all good.

Recommendation: Yes


Review Contributor
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Doing the little extra gestures sets you apart from the average customer.

I have a lunchtime appointment scheduled somewhere and I am brining some sushi. Getting on a more personal level makes everything else better.


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I saw her this past week as well. After multiple sessions with her the vibe is friendly, sexy and memorable. She always mentions how big I am and begs me to go slow, it takes a while to reach the hilt and when her pussy is accustomed to the size she relaxes and let's her eyes roll back into her head, what a sight!


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Haha funny.. MyHobby.. let me know next time u go so I dont follow you agian..
I saw the bag there and asked her. She said customer before bring me food.

I am not small but not real big..
She was soooorrree as hell from you man.. I barely got it in and she was wincing.. tried a few positions.. it was pretty painful for her.. which I am not real into.. I think u gave her all she could handle. So let me know, I don't want to follow u agian lol.