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Review: Sun Spa Yoko OhYes


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Title: Review: Sun Spa Yoko OhYes
Date: Sep 7, 2020
Phone: 1-267-761-5568
City: Philadelphia
State: PA
Location: 1200 block Race Street across from convention center
Age Estimate: Late 20s Early 30s
Nationality: Korean
Physical Description: Very Pretty (Asian Julia Stiles), Short - 5'2" - 5'3", Toned body (Gymnast), C cup - looks and feels natural.

Recommendation: Yes


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Messages: 55
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The girls at Sun Spa are after repeat business. I saw Victoria, handed her 190 at the end, she handed me back 30, and said too much.
LOL only two ladies have handed me back money (although I've only been at this for less than a decade) Sue gave me back $20 for parking once - I tried to tell her I only paid a couple $$ for 1.5 hours parking but she wouldn't hear it. The other was Hanna at the old Bella spa. I tried to give her $200 once and she refused the extra $40.


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Upon reading previous reviews AND based on my prior knowledge on how to maximize my enjoyment I left $$ on the night stand BEFORE Yoko entered the room. Her keen observation skills noticed the not-so-subtle message the two bills delivered. My experience with her was exceptional, and had a lasting effect which I've relived in my mind for days. I ALSO offered another .4 AFTER the session as a token of my extreme appreciation for the moment we shared.

Some guys walk into these places like they are ordering a hamburger from McDonalds and expect a cookie cutter thriller every time. I on the other hand put in as much as I hope to get out, and often it pays out in spades.


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Sue and Huricane Hanna both understood the value of repeat customers. A couple other Bells girls did too.

First time with sunny at bella , one of my favorites session ever and went over 15 minutes , tried giving her 200 , she went out of her way to get change and wouldn't keep it , and this happened with a couple other girls there as well. At the time and still , I will never believe the quality of service for the price at Bella , don't think it will ever be beat. Really miss that place