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Review: Sunny is the Best!


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Pete's question is simple and not the least bit indicative of LE. There is sufficient information all over this and many other internet sites regarding "Sunny" and any other provider. The only thing to legitimately accuse Pete of is laziness, since a few minutes of due diligence will turn up the info he seeks. NOT sharing the contact info deprives EPM of potential business which hurts them. Let them vet the inquiries according to their proven methods over the years.


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Thank you for the support kantuchdis! I am not lazy as much as I am stupid. Someone who recognized my handle from sent me the information, which is why I have used the same handle. I am glad I did because I see today is Sunny's last day.


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Gents, I just wanted to put this out here for consumption. We all know the lovely Sunny is no gone but I would like to acknowledge that although EPM was missing some great talent a few months ago, Lindsey is someone who is definitely worth seeing. I have saw her 3 times last year and each time was better than the first. She has a great since of humor and can work her magic. I will be going to see her for the 4th time before the EOM because IMHO she is the best talent at EPM currently.