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Review: T-Spa


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Title: Review: T-Spa
Date: Dec 1, 2018
Phone: 610-820-0210
City: Allentown
State: PA
Address: 704 W Emaus Ave, Allentown, PA
Activities: Massage, TS
Age Estimate: 30-40
Nationality: Chinese
Physical Description: Very Attractive
Summary: T-Spa has been in existence for 10-15 years, having moved from the previous location on Union Boulevard to the Emaus Avenue location last year. The new location is beautifully done with a huge shower room and private, well appointed massage rooms. The previous location never offered me anything other than a therapeutic massage, which was always top-notch, but left me wanting a little more. I decided to try the new location to see if things have changed. Unfortunately, they have not. While a great massage from one of three beautiful women, Lynn, Coco, and Angela, is always available at the house fee of $60, the shop has a very strict policy of no extras. Lynn was recently promoted to Mamasan by the owner and she runs a very tight ship.

Time is not as tightly controlled at T-Spa as it is at some of the other local spas. For a small extra tip you can have any of the girls extend your time. They have a walking bar from the ceiling and I have found that having her walk on my back really removes the kinks. If you ask, they will use coconut oil during the massage, which rejuvenates the skin. You can even have a shower before the massage, which is playful, but tastefully performed, and then a second shower to cool down after the massage.

If you are looking for a great massage, this is the place. If you are looking for something else, this is not the place.

Recommendation: Yes