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Review: Tokyo Massage Delmont (under new management) - Sunny


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Title: Review: Tokyo Massage Delmont (under new management) - Sunny
Date: Jan 1, 1970
Phone: 412-295-0528
City: Delmont
State: PA
Activities: Only therapeutic now I guess, I ended up leaving.
Age Estimate: 40
Nationality: Japanese
Physical Description: Cute, petite
Summary: This place was just renovated and must have a new owner and there is a new batch of girls. Super disappointing.
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Recommendation: No


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This place is not far from me., but it's got some new competition in the area; asian garden and also Xin Sui is a 3 wood down the road. Both are good massage places. Both are worth going to. I never liked the Tokyo place, as it's way out in the open, and it was also always promoted by the prior owners and " we have 3- or 4 places that are awesome" they were more empire builders than running a place. I know a few fellas that had good luck there. Anyone remember the LIME Green one that was up near Babcock blvd off McKnight road in the north Hills. Got shut down in a few months. There was a fag who had a place to cut hair and" give massages" who complained. Fucking people are always about money and edging out the competition, but that dude with the hair cutting place is a real fucko.