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Review: Yangs Foot and body


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Visited Ridge very recently. Enter and Gigi(?) lets me in, makes a fuss (handsome, handsome, handsome). She's attractive but not my type. Lead to the room and in a minute a much cuter, younger lady with a nice rack comes in. I'm so accustomed to CC amps I hand her the whole bundle and she looks VERY confused. She tries to explain too much, too much and counts out the correct amount on the table (60). I say great and she leaves. Gigi comes back into the room and is asking why do I give so much??? I say hey my mistake, sorry, I'm rich, Ha Ha Ha... She has a weird look on her face and I'm thinking this just got weird... Anyway younger returns and leads me to the shower room. She commences a great wash down with ALOT of attention to the fun parts. Gigi bursts in and tells her in English her regular is here and wants her. She drops the perfumey bar of Dove soap and runs, Gigi says shes going to take over, I think WTF?

Gigi keeps asking if I am ok and I keep reassuring her everything is great. I'm a glass half full guy and can roll with the punches. Back in the room Gigi goes overboard explaining house first, tip later. Points me to the table and asks soft, medium or hard? I tell her medium and relax on the table. Her massage was below average compared to many I've had. On the flip she goes right for the lube and tickling which she was good at. She allowed OTC roaming. Then she allowed UTC. Then things got really interesting and i will state the finish was better than I expected.

It was a dick move to pull my girl away after we already started. I know this place never answers their phone so I know he did not call ahead and make an appointment. Unusual practice here is they are all lax regarding closing curtains and doors, unlike CC amps. Privacy was NOT a huge priority here that evening. I was able to see a monger come in the font entrance from my vantage point, first lady did not close the shower curtain, Gigi never fully closed the door during our encounter, when she was walking me out the other other door was wide open and I glimpsed my first girl tending to a monger. I thought WTF?

Lastly the room I was in had on a scratchy dinky clock radio playing some pop station that tortures you with endless commercials. I'm a Serius XM, Spotify, Pandora person so the endless commercials was grating my nerves.