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Review: Yangs Massage


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Not sure why everyone wants to avoid details to derail LE. Virtually any comments besides a standard massage such as standard service left there happy etc say the same darn thing. Might as well give details like I banged her three ways to Sunday but it was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway she had been banged so much.


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Just no need for us to fuel the fire.

I Googled 777 (same for any spa) and a review on this site for Maya comes up below their entry. That is way too public. sure all the neiborghs could see it if they looked.

We need to tone it back is all I am suggesting.


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I've been here in the past a couple times (had a review on SH). Had Lena (maybe was the name) and her massage was more sensual than the owners. After that, there was a white girl here who left and started doing apartment work. This place is freezing in the winter. Wouldn't go back just because of that.


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Yes this place is very cold. I was there the other day and I was the first customer she had just arrived and told me that she turns the temp down to 55 when she leaves at night. So most of massage I was covered. Been going there for a while and am making really good headway, Her hands get closer each time and linger. Last visit on flip she was really close with soft touch so I just guided her hand onto me and she just kept going. Left very satisfied