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Review: Yoko at 38 Mate


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My experience was similar during their 'golden lineup era'. I got the ol' bait & switch but went w/it because of her beauty & natural assets. Too many instructions, limitations & bad management were the points of no return for me. ymmv


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...just the look I was looking...
Oh jeez...really?

...She thought I was joking.
We all do, btw.

She seemed bored and waiting for me to leave.
No comment.

...but the spark wasn't there for me.
I need to ask her side of the story.

...When I offered the standard extra for her, she immediately asked for more.
And what did you offer? You left no info in the Private Details. After 16 reviews, you'd think someone would get it. But no. AND you did research.

@Evolfonam is right. Why WOULD you see her again. :unsure:


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Interesting. Visited her pre covid and she was game. Also I dont remember her chest being natural but agreed she has a hot milf look to her.


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It’s interesting how much YMMV. She’s always been fantastic to me, but I’m a semi-regular. But I respectfully disagree with you Defyeler, I believe she’s natural all the way. My favorite pair in my mongering experience.


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Messages: 14
Does anyone know where she works now?? I called asking for Yoko (ive seen her probably 10 times) but was told she doesnt work there anymore, in fact that all the girls are new. No apple or kiki either. I need to find YOKO PLEASE HEEEELP