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SF recommendations


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Hi gents. Experience monger from NYC area visiting SF for a few days next week. Looking for a FS or GFE session in the downtown area. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Not a lot in the sf area. I would say the hobby here isn't as exciting as it is in NYC. Should head to San Mateo for the MP


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Veteran on other sites with same handle, travel quite a bit. I have been to a few in SF (downtown) in the past but they seemed to have all closed. Coming to SF again soon and I read about San Mateo above, was wondering what places have the hottest and friendliest ones? PM is fine.

For reference, I have been to Susans (older and more skilled, I once went there after an awful escort experience just so I wouldnt forget how nice a session can be), Villa Aroma (was my fave for late night), and queens once (if I remeber the name right). Was at Devie once, seems that one is still active, but it wasn't really memorable. I also have been to some plazas in SJ that had like 5-6 places (tully?) that was pretty fun.

Anyhow, looking for the best areas, my time will be short so want to make the most of it. I know in DT SF am thinking about hitting Golden Pearl and SF Spa but would like to hit the hottie places anywhere nearby.

Thank you in advance!


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Do you mean downtown SF area? San Mateo, San Jose, and Emeryville have tons of good Korean and Chinese providers. Way better than ny/nj
What are the places to look for in San Mateo? I am also going to visit, and only see an SF section on this site


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Same here, visiting SF. CEO used to be my fave but know they’ve been shut for awhile. Any in downtown or Union Square areas?


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Problem with private delights is the women are just terrible bang for your buck compared to the kgirls you can find in Emeryville, SM, SJ. Worse service, uglier, more expensive. If you absolutely need to wet your dick in a white girl and will shell out 500+/hr for fully covered services, then sure, use PD, but otherwise, it's just loaded with delusionally expensive uggos.