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Shogun on FX


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Who's watching Shogun?

I'm only on Episode 3 but am enjoying it so far.

Especially Anna Sawai who plays Mariko.

Damn she's fine.

She's Japanese but grew up in NZ according to her bio. She was in some girl band group before going into acting. Funny enough, I used to see a provider who looked pretty close to her, despite she was Chinese. Very similar hair/eyes, slightly different lips. Everytime I see her on the show I'm replaying those old sessions with that masseuse in my head lmao.

And yea, I know... TTIWWOP. IYKYK

Oh one other thing about the show. The guy who played Richard Alpert on Lost is a Portuguese pirate on the show. Love that guy. I forget his name. He was also Sheriff Alex Romero on Bates Motel if you ever watched that series.

But I definitely don't love him as much as I love her.

Damn she's fine!


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Man, this is my favorite show on TV right it. Yes....Mariko is hot as fuck!!! Funny, I just saw her for the first time 2 weeks before I started Shogun in Monarch: Legends of Monsters (also a good series) on Apple+. I was like, wait a minute...I've seen this hottie Shogun is excellent....two of my favorite Japanese actors are also in it.

Hiroyuki Sanada

Tadanobu Asano


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Original AMP girl lol

Dude I aint gonna spoil it but watch episode 6. For me, so far, Lady Ochiba is top for me


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Damn, a 9.1 rating on IMDB. I'm looking forward to catching up on this series over this rainy week.
It’s excellent…just watched episode 7. It’s bing worthy…if you have time, watch each episode twice….it will make a lot more sense and you won’t miss all the Easter eggs and twists in plot.