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Top 10 EPM girls


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Looking for input, if you can start from 1-10, 1 being best.

I was fascinated during my visit last week and look forward to many more. Since I only saw Sunny and she was hot, wondering who can top her.


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IMHO, no one tops Sunny for all around best provider. I have not seen them all so my input is limited going back to when EPM first opened in 2016. In no particular order...

Sugar (Bella at ADH)
Jenii (you know who)

I know you one and done guys can get to 10, I can't. There are so many more, but I have been preoccupied many times and have missed alot. The ones I saw other than these, don't belong on the list. Never saw Fawn, my mistake.


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Wouldn't limit to just EPM if you are in philly . Also Classy Philly

Sunny is nice but older and her tits a little a too saggy for me

This list is a combo of my personal favorites along with general consensus from those on this forum from the past year or so

1. Addison - new, really young, lots of energy, fun, cute and willing to please
2. Mila - Slightly older, willing to please, sexy
3. Velvet - Personally she is my favorite - my type of athletic body and sensual performance
4. Sandra - Classy Philly - great attitude, best HJ/BBBJ IMO
5. Amanda - Great Curvy Body and BBBJ

I haven't seen these girls but from reading feedback
6. Fawn - Works in South Jersey Independent - will see her tomorrow
7. Gloria - Classy Philly
8. Becka - Also works in Jersey
9. Josephine - Classy Philly, working in NOVA now
10. La Bella
11. Stella
12. Lucy

Probably missing a few but yeah its a good rotation. EPM is just overall one of the best agencys iv been too. Easy parking, nice apartment, Management service is great and they are super nice.


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Messages: 35
Angela - favorite for sexiness 10!
Sunny - favorite all around 10!
Mila - favorite for intellectual stimulation (after great physical stimulation) 10!
Linsey - favorite if I spoke Korean 10!

Detect a pattern? Please treat them well.


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If you travel like I do you will find that some of these girls move around certain agencies

Dream Asian in Jersey
Korean Delight in New York
Korean Palace in Chicago
Various in Nova

Just PM if you have questions - I have been following the KMP scene for a while now
You’re right—so for those of you who know the providers, you don’t have to offer references or go through a verification. Just tell the provider to tell the owner that both of you know each other.


Philly Philly
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There are so many encounters but Heres my Mount Rushmore

And in no specific order..

I have to add almost all my encounters at Classy Philly can easily be on my top 10 list! Notice that my top 4 all have one thing in common and that is all of them have tight boxes.. :p:p


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Reviews: 8
To make my Philly Hall of Fame requires two things: they must have been in Philly more than once and seen more than once. So superstars who come through but don’t come back cannot imo be Philly idols and one encounter isn’t enough to judge.
Top Ten

Then in no particular order:


And from before Bella days:



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I've seen pretty much every girl that comes through epm. If it was all around the US I have other names to include but epm its:

La Bella

These are the girls that have the best performance and are open to do anything for me. And there are alot more. Cant really go the the regular amp anymore, getting introduced to these type girls, I'm spoiled and so are they.


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Messages: 41
Reviews: 12
You’re right—so for those of you who know the providers, you don’t have to offer references or go through a verification. Just tell the provider to tell the owner that both of you know each other.
Didnt get Sunnys # when I left, she told me she works at DA under Susan. Can I have Lily verified for me at DA?


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Speaking of EPM only I'd have to say:

Fawn - exudes sexiness
Sunny - a sweet ball of fire with big tits to go with it
Mio - the most consistently hot sessions I've ever had, and again, great tits
Mila - she definitely loved to please
Bella/Sugar - the sexiness and body to compete with Fawn, but unfortunately a one trick pony (that was still a great ride)

There were many others that I saw, but these were the ones that I would go multiple times a week to see.


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There was a younger girl who huge natural knockers who was always giggly.
Her actual name was sunny but I forget what epm name she went by. She came here 2-3 times and might have had two different names. I think it might have been love? Anyone remember?

Btw these discussions are my favorite ones. It's fun to see everyone's preferences.
I didn't have as a great of experience as everyone with the current sunny so she would be lower on my top ten.

I believe it was jenny who was here for a bit would be top 3. She was insane

There was 1 girl who started the EPM with Lilly and I think her name was Amanda ? She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen at epm. I feel like the looks went a bit down now ( still better than all of Philly) but mostly because girls don't want to come here anymore lol