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Five year vet of Spahunters from Philly suburbs with the same handle. I’m happy this site is here but as the reviews and comments build up I can see where it will become more disorganized. Hoping they make some changes. I’m also worried a little about the graphic nature of the reviews. Don’t want LE busting our favorite AMP’s.
Hope I can connect with some of my friends from the Philly burbs.

yes, the separate review format may lead to a lot of fragmentation, but i find the search feature works pretty well to help organize them all.


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I was also a regular at Spa Hunters, which is sorely missed. I recognize several of the names here, including cica. I went by the handle jeffs there.

It seems that most of the focus of the reviews here has been on FS AMPs. I'm hoping we'll see more info on rub and tug places in the South Jersey/Philly area. I have a couple of AMPS I go to regularly in the Cherry Hill area, but I'd really like to find some decent place close to King of Prussia. Seems like slim pickings right now.
Let me know if you see any thing interesting by KOP.


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Hi mongers! i recently started here, was regular in spahunters, posted a lot of reviews, same id "ieee" .... was looking for my NNJ friends from spahunters, my stomping ground is Westchester, Rockland & NNJ


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I was on SH for years and really miss it. This site is a great replacement. I am glad that someone told me about it. I am always interested in new places to try but I hate to be disappointed. These sites help so we don't make a bad decision.